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Navigator Plus Software

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Monitoring and Accounting

Navigator Plus is an upgrade to the standard Navigator software. Navigator Plus is a powerful postage software product, capture every postage transaction, detailed and historical reports can be analysed and exported, this allows you to see what your postage spend is across every department currently and historically.

Every mail piece accounted for

With powerful reporting features, Navigator Plus will account for every letter you send allowing you to analyse and save on your postage costs by department or individual. Navigator Plus will also export its data allowing you to import it into your preferred accounting software. Compatible with the complete PostBase range from 30 to PostBase One.

Customizable for your business needs

Navigator Plus will also allow you to re-name accounts and create SMS messages on your envelopes as well as a host of export features. Set up quick rates, shortcuts and even re-arrange the screen of the icons on the PostBase to suit your requirements.

See the Navigator Plus in Action

Key Features

  • Remote Control of your PostBase
  • Export and Analyze
  • Save on your postage
  • Add personal messages to letters
  • Department and individual cost monitoring

Tablet friendly technology

Navigator Plus can also remotely control your PostBase Mailing machine and was designed to be used with a Windows touchscreen tablet PC.

Navigator Plus Software Tablet