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FlexStream Software

Document Processing Software

What is FlexStream?

FlexStream software is a document processing solution that gives you more control over your mailing process. With its unmatched versatility, you can automate and simplify your business’ workflow from pre-printed to finished mail. It ensures security and document integrity by adding scancodes that can be read with your folder inserter. With FlexStream’s channel select feature, you can even choose which documents to print and mail out and which to email directly to your customers.

Multipurpose Solution

FlexStream loads your PDF documents and allows you to manipulate and enhance the content of your documents. You can define the page breaks and add text, graphics, logos and barcodes to turn your mailings into a marketing tool. FlexStream also allows you to combine documents being sent to the same recipient (grouping) to save on postage.

Added Security

FlexStream software allows you to add scancodes (OMR, 1D or 2D BCR) to your documents which can be read by folder inserters to ensure all of the mail pieces are going to the correct recipient in the correct envelope. Whether you are sending invoices, statements, or business critical documents, you can be sure of the integrity of your mailings and meet all of your document handling compliance requirements. FlexStream even offers the option to add secure and tracked email services for additional security.

What can FlexStream do for your business?

FlexStream offers multiple ways to save money, with document grouping, and channel selection. The security features give you peace of mind whether sending your documents via mail or email for all of your business critical and sensitive mailings. With three different software levels, you can find a solution that best fits your business needs.

Why choose FlexStream Software?

Flexible Mailing

Decide which mail pieces are sent physically or by email

Increases Security

Scancodes ensure business sensitive documents reach their intended recipient

Promote your business

Add text, graphics, logos, or barcodes to add marketing to your communications

Three Options

FlexStream comes in three levels so you can get the features you need without paying for what you don’t

Key Features

  • Scancodes for document integrity
  • Organize and enhance documents
  • Address correction
  • Add marketing text, graphics, logos or barcodes
  • User-friendly interface

Perfect Product Pairings

Pair with a Folder Inserter for added security

FPi 4700 Folder Inserter

By pairing a FP Folder Inserter with your FlexStream software, you get greater peace of mind when handling business sensitive communications. By reading the scancodes added to your documents with FlexStream, they can ensure that the documents are going to the correct customer in the correct envelope.