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PostBase Vision360

Postal Analytics and Reporting

Vision360 provides companies a 360-degree view of postal usage to better monitor, manage, and control postal expenditures. Vision360 is accessible through the MyFP customer portal, making it easy to view all of your important information online with a clean, graphical interface.

Vision360 Analytics Dashboard

With the Vision360 analytics dashboard, you can get an operational overview of postal expenses, ink and postage on the machine, and postage downloads for better budgeting and planning.

Vision360 Reporting

With Vision360, getting the right report you need in the format required is easy. Report types are displayed on-screen as tiles or in a list view that can be sorted by favorites, alphabetical, report type or subscription level. Once a report is selected, a set of filters allows report customization. The report is previewed and can be printed or exported directly.

Vision360 Subscription Tiers

Vision360 is available in three subscription tiers. The Essential subscription is included with your PostBase Vision mailing system and offers basic reports. The Advanced tier unlocks additional reports while the Professional allows you to combine multiple metrics into a single report.

Key Features

  • Graphical overview of history and trends
  • Postage and ink availability
  • Postage usage trend
  • Postal class usage
  • Selectable date ranges
  • Report sorting options
  • Report preview and print
  • Export to PDF, Excel or .csv

Compatible with the PostBase vision series