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PostBase Mini Mailing Machine

PostBase Mini

The PostBase Mini can process up to 17 letters per minute and is perfect for small businesses with light mail volume.

PostBase vision S3

PostBase vision Semi-Auto

Simple to use, stylish and affordable, it’s the perfect companion for a smaller mailers. Featuring a semi-automatic feeder.

PostBase vision A5

PostBase vision Auto

Featuring a hands-free automatic feeder, mid-volume mailers will keep the mail moving quickly and easily.

PostBase vision A9

PostBase vision Advanced

Boasting the best advanced automatic feeder in its class, mailers with higher volumes or mixed mail will love the ease of use and efficiency.

PostBase 30 Mailing Machine

PostBase 30

Low volume mailing system at speeds of up to 30 cycles per minute for small businesses, cost savings, accurate and efficient.

PostBase 45 Mailing Machine

PostBase 45

Expandable mailing system at up to 45 cycles per minute with automatic feeder option.

PostBase 65 Mailing Machine

PostBase 65

Automatic feeding as standard and up to 65 cycles per minute, quick and simple to use.

PostBase 125 Mailing Machine

PostBase 125

This total solution brings best-in-class mailing technology, smooth feeding and intuitive operation to your office environment.

PostBase 130

PostBase 130

Exceptional PostBase 130 Mailing Machine, with dynamic weighing option specifically designed for business.

PostBase One

PostBase One

PostBase ONE is your biggest leap toward efficient mailroom processes, and large enough to handle any mail piece that comes your way.

What are Mailing Machines?

A mailing machine allows you to get rid of your dependence on stamps by printing postage directly onto your envelopes. Mailing Machines are sometimes called postage meters, postage machines, postage printers, stamp machines, mail meters, mailing systems, along with a few other names.

 Anatomy of a mailing machine

Mailing machines of all sizes do basically the same job

Postage meters use red fluorescent ink to print indicia postage. Ink costs are much lower than you would expect making it very affordable.

  • Weighing scale with shipping rates for pricing letters and parcels
  • Ink cartridge compartment
  • Letter feeding area
  • Security module that keeps your money safe
  • Colour touch screen and one button

Mailing Machines fit any business size whether large, small or start-up.

Mailing Machines have different options making them perfect for small  businesses to large corporations as a result. They all basically do the same job just with different speeds and features. As a matter of fact, some Mailing Machines have automatic feeders speeding up the mailing machine. Furthermore some have software connections to download account data.

Mailing Machines download their postage straight into the machine.

Mailing Machines can use either your LAN or your Wi-Fi depending on the model. There’s no more lining up at the post office with a Mailing Machine, just set up a direct debit and then you can download whatever postage you need.