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LO 410

Mid-Range Automatic Letter Opener

The LO 410 is a compact but highly efficient tabletop letter opener, perfect for companies that frequently process mixed inbound mail. The LO 410 letter opener efficiently automates mail processing and makes the mundane task of manually opening mail a thing of the past.

Efficient mail processing

This desktop letter opener offers a small footprint with big capabilities. The LO 410 is able to seamlessly process inbound mail in handful-in handful-out quantities. The state-of-the-art milling cutter technology provides precise, edge-to-edge cutting for quick extraction while protecting the contents. The LO 410 produces a smooth, soft, feathered edge to eliminate painful paper cuts.

User-friendly operation

The LO 410 creates a user-friendly workflow and reduces the amount of manual adjustments needed for faster processing. With the new 5.5″ digital display, operators can easily navigate settings and quickly select jobs. The self-adjusting feeder automatically runs mixed mail sizes and thicknesses, reducing the time and effort operators need to run batches of mixed inbound mail.

Greater security and tracking capabilities

The LO 410 features quality Inkjet printing which can be used for multiple print jobs, such as: receipt information, date and time stamps for audit trails, and unique sequence numbers for traceable mail. This creates a simplified and more secure workflow for companies to sort, open, and track their incoming mail all through a single desktop machine.

Key feature for the LO 410

LO 210 Depth Adjustment Knob

All-New Cut Depth Adjustment Knob

  • ¬†Three cut-depth settings for optimal opening of a wide variety of mixed mail sizes and thicknesses, including flats and overnight envelopes.
  • No-cut setting ideal for counting envelopes.

Key Features

  • 5.5″ digital display
  • Opens up to 400 letters per minute
  • Processes a variety of mixed mail sizes & thicknesses
  • Edge-to-edge cutting for easy opening
  • Three cut-depth settings
  • No-cut setting for envelope counting
  • Automatic, self-adjusting feeder
  • Adjustable output tray
  • Inkjet printing

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LO 410 brochure cover

LO 410 Brochure – English

LO 410 Brochure – French