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Letter Openers

Make quick work of processing incoming mail with these speedy envelope openers.
With speeds ranging from 24,000 to 40,000 pieces per hour, you’re sure to find an appropriate solution to dramatically
reduce the time required to open letters and mail received in your mailroom or office.

Discover the FP range of Letter Openers

B400 Letter Opener

Letter Opener B400

There is no longer a need to open letters by hand with the B400 letter opener. Simply load the stack of envelopes into the machine and the auto start function will automatically begin processing them. Using slitting technology instead of cutting, it reduces waste cutting and eliminates damages to the letters.

Letter Opener 210

Letter Opener 210

The Series 210 is designed with small and medium mail-opening operations in mind. Ideal for operations processing between 200 and 2000 pieces per day, this compact mailroom automation product seamlessly processes inbound mail in handful in handful out quantities.

LO 410 Letter Opener

Letter Opener 410

The LO 410 is a compact but highly efficient tabletop letter opener, perfect for companies that frequently process mixed inbound mail. The LO 410 letter opener efficiently automates mail processing and makes the mundane task of manually opening mail a thing of the past.

Envelope Opener 306

Letter Opener 306

The 306 offers the speed and features needed in high volume incoming mail centers. Able to open 100 letters in under 10 seconds (40,000 pieces per hour), this machine will make quick work of all your envelopes, including large flats and overnights up to ½” thick.