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Letter Folding Machines

Imagine the opportunity cost of time lost from manually folding paper sheets for mailing jobs. It’s a tedious, time-consuming task, but there is an easy remedy: a folding machine from FP Mailing Solutions.

Discover the FP range of Letter Folding Machines

DF850c Tabletop Folder


The DF850c Tabletop Folder offers a fast, affordable and user-friendly solution for your folding needs. Fold documents such as brochures, menus, letters and invoices at up to 241 letter size sheets per minute.

DF870c Automatic Tabletop Folder


Utilizing durable and patented feed system, the DF870c offers fully automated setups, making it easier and faster to process jobs without any manual adjustments required.

DF-990Ac Automatic Folder


The DF-990Ac Automatic Folder is one of the quietest and fastest tabletop folders. Easy to use and built-in sound absorbers for quiet operation.

DF-999Ac Automatic Folder


The DF-999Ac Automatic Folder is fully automatic and compact, and features double document detection for security and accuracy of processing.

DF-1300Ac Tabletop Folder


The DF-1300Lc uses air suction technology for feeding paper with remarkable ease and reliability, and features double feed detection.