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Folder Inserters

A folder inserter machine acts as an automatic letter folder and envelope stuffer. Using a folder inserter can save your business valuable time.

We offer a range of letter folder and envelope inserter machines, from desktop to high volume systems, ensuring we have the best solution for every size and type of business.

Discover the FP range of Folder inserters

FPi 700 Folder Inserter

FPi 700

The FPi 700 folder inserter will fold, insert and seal your letters for you. Processing up to 1,350 letters per hour.

Standard Folds
FPi 2700 Folder Inserter

FPi 2700

The FPi 2700 boasts a full fledge of modern features designed to maximize mailroom efficiency and enhance document security.

Standard Folds
FPi 4700 Folder Inserter

FPi 4700

The FPI 4700 folder inserter automatically organizes every document for perfect sequence and collation.

Standard Folds
FPi 5700 Folder Inserter

FPi 5700

The FPi 5700 turns any mail center into a strategic business asset, providing a platform for processing your business critical mailings.

Standard Folds
FPi 6700 Folder Inserter

FPi 6700

The FPi 6700 raises the bar in complicated mailroom processes with its high volume mailing capabilities. This powerful workhorse is fully customizable, create the configuration that easily processes your organizations business critical mailings.

Standard Folds