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Logiciel MailReport One

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Accounting Analysis

Professional postage-cost management, data collection, analysis and management software for optimal postage-cost. Reports can be quickly drafted, printed or transferred to Excel® or other database formats. MailReport One offers the ability to track and evaluate mailings and charges from different mail delivery services or cost-centers.

Complete Analysis

Every frank from up to 4 Mailing Machines is instantly recorded in real time, with an unlimited number of cost centers plus select cost-centers with the mailing machine, a PC or the optional barcode scanner. Organize cost-centers at three levels (cost-center group, cost-center, sub-cost-center) with preset individual surcharges or discounts (% and value).

Powerful Accounting

Comprehensive reports by time period, mail product, cost-center plus with manual accounting makes it possible to gather and attribute all services performed in the mailroom / mail processing, not just pure postage costs. Optional barcode scanner for rapidly entering cost-center information and integrated HELP system. Compatible with previous FP accounting systems and administrator and operator logins as well as report on 3rd carrier franking as well as manage courier costs.

Caractéristiques principales

  • Possibilité de facturation à un tiers
  • Save postage cost
  • Export to excel (or other formats)
  • Optional barcode scanner
  • Tablet compatible