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La plieuse-inséreuse FPI4700

Volume moyen

Le FPi 4700 s'adapte parfaitement aux processus complexes des salles de courrier.

The FPi 4700 offers enhanced efficiency that stretches the value of your mailroom. Backed by powerful capabilities and increased efficiency, this machine allows you to focus on what really matters – your business. Load envelopes on the fly and process letters at up 3,800 per hour. Customize feeders to fit any type of job.

Polyvalente et efficace

The FPi 4700 is fast, reliable, and quiet. It processes business letters, one or multi-part mailings, invoices, account statements or pay slips for letters. Your new inserter system is not only intelligent, but also easy to use – and saves space because it’s ultra-compact.

Facilité d'opération

The FPi 4700 has a full colour HD touchscreen. The interactive graphic display lets you intuitively control all machine functions.

Voir la brochure de la FPi 4700

FPi 4700 Brochure Cover

Caractéristiques principales

  • Jusqu'à 3 800 documents / heure
  • Écran tactile couleur
  • Plie jusqu'à 10 pages à la fois
  • Options de lecture OMR, OCR, BCR 1D et 2D
  • Alimentateur en cascade
  • Efficacité accrue

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